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9 years ago

Feel good when somebody Miss u.
Feel better when somebody Loves u.
But feel best when somebody never
forgets u.

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9 years ago

dent miss or avoid d person wro really has true affection on u.
If wil make u sad & lonely when they learn to live widout u & ur memories.!

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9 years ago

ye mere zindagi ke sathi tu pareshaan kis liye hai, Tuzhe koi gam na aaye meri jaan kis liye hai....!

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9 years ago

Koi pyar kehta hai,
Koi mohabbat kehta hai aur
Kuchh log bandgi kehte hain,
Magar jis-se hum pyar karte hain,
Usey hum apni zindagi kehte hain.

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9 years ago

Hum wo nai jo matlab se yaad karte hai.
Hum wo hai jo dil se pyar karte hai.
Aapka paigam aye ya na aye.
Par hum har pal aapko yaad karte hai.

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9 years ago

Na chaho kisi ko itna ki chahat aapki majburi ban
chaho kisi ko itna aapka pyaar uske liye jaruri ban

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9 years ago

Yeh dil hai
Yeh dil hai
Yeh dil hai
Sab iss dil ki hi toh mushkil hai!!

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9 years ago

a nursery kid student
explaintin love in cute way....

love is like susu in the pant.
Others can only see it
only u can feel it

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9 years ago

a better
needs just 2
A little time to be spent heartly...
A Little care to be given truely

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9 years ago

if u want to put too much of love on someone.....

u have to b equally prepared to lake even more amount of pain

the same person

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