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9 years ago

Dil walo ka apna jaha hota hai.
Jindagi junun ishq imthan hota,
bemaut mare jate hai pyar me log.
Marne ka shauk kish kaha hota hai

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9 years ago

Har ladki ki life me ek aisa ladka hota hai jaise woh bhula nahi sakti..
Har ladke ki life me ek aisee ladki hoti hai jise woh paa nahi sakta....

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9 years ago

2 hearts make luv!

Many hearts try 2 break that luv!
But making or breaking depends on d level which dat 2 hearts,
beats 4 each other....

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9 years ago

LOVE me or HATE me, both are in my favor.

If you love me, I'll always be in your heart,

If you hate me, I'll always be on your mind.

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9 years ago

"I alwaz missed people close 2 me, wen alone, Bt wat i failed 2 realise dat people r born 2 lead their own lyf& not 2 be with me forever".

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9 years ago

Communication is the lifeline Of
any relationship.
When u stop communicating,
you start losinG your valuable
relationships ...
So stay in touch always ...

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9 years ago

Love knows no reasons love knows no lies,love defies all reasons love has no eyes.. But love is not blind,Love sees all but doesnt mind....

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9 years ago

Love and trust are based on facts and acts
one wrong act can brak one's trust.....
Whereas one small fact can makes one fall in love.

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9 years ago

Sari Raat Na Soye Hm
Raato Ko Uth Ke Kitna Roye Hm
Bas Ek Bar Mera Kasur Hi Bata De
Itna Pyar Karne K Bawjud B Kyo Na Kisi K Hue Hm

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9 years ago

1). What's the point in taking drugs when you have Music?
2). Some people are meant only to stay in your heart but not in your life..!! smile.png

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