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9 years ago

I-ve alwys been afraid of losing ppl who cherish me so much bt at times i keep asking myself, is der any1 who-l be afraid of losing me..

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9 years ago

when It-s clear that you don-t feel the same way for me… the problem is that as much as I can-t force you to love me, I can-t force myself to stop loving you.

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9 years ago

1st time i saw u i was scared 2 touch u.1st time i touched u i was scared 2 kiss u.1st time i kiss u i was scared to luv u.but now dat i luv u im scared 2 lose u!

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9 years ago

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone,
an hour to like someone, and an day to love someone…
but it takes a lifetime to forget someone.

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9 years ago

Sometimes your joy is source of your smile,
But sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy..
But every time you are with me..
I will be joy always.

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9 years ago

A Lovely Thought from A Broken Heart:
She Laughs At My Dreams,
But I Dream Only 4 Her Laugh..

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9 years ago

If I had to count the reasons why I love u and why I-m so in love with you..I-d have to count 4ever..

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9 years ago

I love so much my heart is sure.As time goes on I love you more,Your happy smile.Your loving face, no one will ever take your place

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9 years ago

Love is sweet poison: .. Do not consume without your beloved-s advise .. and keep out of reach of children .. and keep it in cool and dark place.

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9 years ago

you are summoned to court for tresspassing in my heart and if you plead guilty u will be sentenced to love me 4ever so how do u plead..

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