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6 years ago

A cute line said by a rose:
It is better to stay in a boy-s grave than to stay in a some girl-s hair who does not know what is love!

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6 years ago

Great Words

"Before I die, I wish to donate my blood to her. Its for the fact that atleast my blood could enter her heart wer I could not"

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6 years ago

If a smile could be a raindrop,I wish that it keeps raining throughout your life so there would be no place for tears in your life.

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6 years ago

LOVE is an unwriten promise ITS cannot b xpresed in words nor writen on any paper
INSTEAD its a bond based on VALUE N TRUST shared by 2 beautiful hearts!!!!

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6 years ago

It-s amazing how one person can bring you so much happiness and pain in your life. Maybe it-s really love knocking when he can make you so happy that you forget all the pains. So don-t forget all the happiness when he breaks your heart.

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6 years ago

"The pain of having a broken heart is not so much as to kill you, yet not so little to let you live!"

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6 years ago

These R Few Words Which Cum In My MIND,As I Think Of U!!!

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6 years ago

When it RAINS.. U doNT c da sun.. BuT ITS THERE.. Hope we kan b LYK DAT .. We doNT C EAch ada buT WE´l alwaYS B dER 4 EÄCH oDA

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6 years ago

When everything goes wrong, push! When you wish for something, push! When people don-t understand, push. When you wish for love,
U- ntil

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6 years ago

Zindagi se bas yehi gila hain, Khushi ke baadh, kyu gham mila hain, Humne to unse wafaa hi ki thi.. Par nahi jaante the ki wafa kaa bewafaai hi silaa hai

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