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6 years ago

Do you know that a simple HELLO can be so sweet..
H: How r u..
E: Everything all right..
L: Like to c u.
L: Love 2 hear from u
O: Obviouslly miss u…

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6 years ago

When time c0mes 4u 2 gve ur Heart 2 s0me1 make sure u select s0me1 who vl never break ur heart c0z broken hearts has never spare parts..

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6 years ago

Solid Truth,Wen u start loving somebody, you start caring about urself.
But when you start caring about others, somebody starts loving u..!


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6 years ago

V nvr knw
Y v lik som pple mor dan othrs..
Y v lov som ppl widout resns..
Y v feel hpy wit thir presnc
Sm realations hav no xplnations..

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6 years ago


V LOVE Ourself Even AFTER doing many mistakes

V hate others 4 their 1 mistake

Seems Strange

Think b4 u hate someone.

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6 years ago

m not a painter to paint u
m not a creater to create u
m not a destroyer to destroy u
m not a teacher to teach u
But m a man to love u

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6 years ago

Love knows no reasons love knows no lies,love defies all reasons love has no eyes… But love is not blind,Love sees all but doesnt mind…..

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6 years ago

Last night one tear dropped out of my eyes
Last night , thinking of u, one tear rolled out, i asked why r u out.. Tear said there is someone so beautiful in ur eyes, now there is no place for me..
-By Bhavik

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6 years ago

If you were a tear in my eyes, I would never dare to cry. I might lose you !

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6 years ago

Even if the sun forgts shining

the fishes forget swimming

the wind forgets blowing and

the birds forget flying

be sure I ll still Love u

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