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8 years ago

Q.What-s life..
A.What u make it 2 b.
Q.What-s happiness..
A.What ur heart sees.
Q.What-s love..
A.Precious if true.
Q.What-s friendship.. A.Nothing without u!!

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8 years ago

Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood ....

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8 years ago

Acchi life jine ke 2 tarike ho sakte he
1. jo pasand he vo hasil krna sikh lo
2. Ya phir jo hasil he use pasand krna sikh lo
pratik 9753008175

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8 years ago

Great words by Adolf Hitler-"when u r in light,everything follows ubt when u enter in dark,even ur own shadow will nt follow u"thats life.!!

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8 years ago

Zndgi Ek Kahani Hoti H
Par Hum To Ek Kissa Banke Reh Gaye
Khud Ki Zndgi Ki Kahani To Likhi Nahi
Auro Ki Kahani Ki Hissa Banke Reh Gaye.!

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