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9 years ago

Have u ever watched sunlite
passing through rain drops..
Its just like ur sweet msgs
passing through my heart,
making them as colorful as

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9 years ago

If U Have Reasons
For Liking Some1..
Then You Are Using Your Mind,
But If U Like Some1 For No
Then You Are Using
Your Heart,
Feel the differens..Gmrng
Frm vamc

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9 years ago

It-s Madness..

To hate all roses
if U got scratch by one thorn..

To giv up all ur dreams
if one didn-t come true..

To lose faith in God
if one wasn-t answered..

To giv up all Ur eforts
if one of them failed..

To condemn all Ur frens
if one betrayed U.

Not to believe in love
if someone broke a promise N left.

Remember that Time will bring.
A new fren.
A new love.
A new life.

Never give up.
Coz Life Indeed is Beautiful..

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9 years ago

-Everyday When You Dont Come Across Any Problems You Can Be Sure That You Are Travelling In The Wrong Path-
-Fidal Castro

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9 years ago

Most of us Miss Out Lif-s Big Prizes:

Bt v r Al Eligible 4 Lif-s Small Prizes:

*A Hug frm bstfrnd
*A Short sleep on frnd-s sholdr
*A Glorious Sunset
*A chat wid 1 v hv a crush on
*An ice-cream wen its rainin
*A Silent Nyt on d Terrace
*Money frm old jeans
*A Slw Walk On An Empty Road Wid d Prsn V Luv on a ful moon nite..

So Dnt Wry Abt Missing Lif-s Big Prizes,

Bt Take Care Of D Small ones smile.png

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9 years ago

a flowers appeal is in its contradictions,
so delicate in form yet strong in fragrance,
so smal in size yet big in beauty,
so short in life yet long on effect!

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9 years ago

As i watched d ants crawl 2 d wall i noticed dat no matter hw busy dey r,dey still stop & communicate wid each other..
Hope v can b like dem..

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9 years ago

Usne kaha balance bhijwa
Maine kaha &quotPaise Nahi&quot
Usne kaha &quotKaise nahi&quot
Maine kaha &quotMehangai Hai&quot
Usne kaha &quotJa aaj se tu mera bhai ha

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9 years ago

Tufaan me Kinaare mil jaate hai,
jindagi me sahaare mil jaate hai,
koi chiz jindagi se pyari nahi hoti,
par kuchh log jindagi se bhi pyare mil jaate hai...


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9 years ago

It is scientifically proved
It is scientifically proved that suger can dissolve in water,so please dont go outside when it is raining, cuz u r the sweetest in the whole world.

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