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9 years ago

When a girl cries "the world consoles her"

But when a boy cries "come on man dont be a girl"

If a girl slaps a boy "Boy had done a mistake"

If boy slaps a girl "rascal doesnot know to respect ladies"

If a boy talks to girl "he is flirting"

If a girl talking to boys "she is friendly"

If a girl met with an accident "then its mistake of others"

If a boy do "bloody u dont know to drive"

Still people say "IT I

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9 years ago

"Everyone will not get everything..
This is the way of life..
Dont try to get which is not yours..
But Dont dare to loose which is yours".


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9 years ago

BEAUTIFUL FACT: "Almost Evrythng Can Be Purchased At A Reduced Price Except Satisfaction"

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9 years ago

Son: Dad, how much is 5+5..

Dad: You dumb, You don-t know this,
go and get a calculator.

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9 years ago

Do U Know What-s d Relation Btwn Smile &amp ur Face...ur Face Looks Good WITH a Smile. But a Smile Looks More good,when its on Your Face.So Keep Smiling.

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9 years ago

When relations are true and real,even decades cannot erase it-s memories..Bitter or sweet,they still remains in us as sweetest part of our small life..

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9 years ago

Whoevr u may b., whrevr life leads u.,U r alwys A mom-s child.,A family-s future., A frn-s heart.,A lover-s soul n sum1-s life,
B d best of Evrythn!

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9 years ago

i like people like u who like othrs like me &amp make d othrs like me to like othrs like u..
take tym to undrstand,there is a wondrful meaning.

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9 years ago

You will love this for sure:
"It would make more sense if the life cycle was all backwards..Die 1st n get death out of d way..Den u live in an old age home with pension..U get ur PF n start workin..U wrk 40 yrs until u-r young enough 2 enjoy retirement..U booze,party,n get ready 4 high school..Den U bcum a kid, play,hav no worries..U bcum a little baby,go back into d womb,spend ur last 9 mnths floatin,N finish off as a rocks..!"

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9 years ago

I love photos, because the best thing about it
is that, it never changes.. even when the people in it do.. smile.png

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