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9 years ago

A 4yr old kid kept telling his teacher abt his baby sis who was goin to be born, bcoz he was very much excited abt it. 1 day his mom made him feel d baby-s movemnts by placing his palm, on her stomach. D kid dint say anything. Frm dat day onwards he stopped telling his teacher abt his baby sis. 1 day wen his teacher enquired abt his baby sis d boy-s eyes were filled wid tears. He replied,"My mummy ate it!"

Innocence is so cute smile.png

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9 years ago

Evry tear is a sign of- Onions!
Every silnce is a sign of- Zero balance!
Every smile is a sign of- Daily brushin!
Life is simple Dnt complicate it!

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9 years ago

A man pays $.2,00 for a $.1,00 item that he needs,
A woman pays $.1,00 for $.2,00 item that she does not need.

Gr8 diffrences !

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9 years ago

Our good name and reputation, lies more on what we conceal than what we reveal!

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9 years ago

Every one wants to go heaven but no one wants to die..strange huh..
From: Shanky

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9 years ago

You Have To
Run Away From All..
Not Just To
Create Distance..
Also To See
Who Cares Enough
To Run Behind You

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9 years ago


Looking into the eyes of a Girl for a long time..



Awesome Realitly:

If 1 Day V Were Put 2 Xchange All Our Troubles Across De Table,Aftr Few Moments Each 1 Wuld Silently Tak His Own & Leav!

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9 years ago


1. Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain, on the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy came with an umbrella.


2. Example of the feeling of a one year old baby. When you throw him in the air, he laughs bcze he knows you will catch him.


3. Every night we go to bed, we have no assurance to wake up alive the next morning but still we have plans for tomorrow..


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9 years ago

Life is a continuous challenge, a constant struggle from birth up2 death. We r not made rich by wat is in our pocket, but by wat is in our Heart..

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9 years ago

Gujarati means

G- Great
U- Understanding
J- Jolly natured
A- Ambitious
R- Romantic
A-all rounder
I- Indian
So proud 2 b guju

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