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9 years ago

Tchr 2 a 1st standard gal wat is ur name..
Gal:wats my name..
wats my name..
wats my name....
My name is SHEELA,
Sheela ki jawani..

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9 years ago

Dear Maths,
All my life you made me find ur X ! ! ! Listen buddy..
She-s not coming back..
So please move on!

Frustrated Student..wink.png

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9 years ago

8 semesters, 80GB syllabus, 80MB we study, 80KB we remember, 80 BYTES we answer, BINARY marks we get, dis is known as BTech(Brain is Technically Empty) degree!

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9 years ago

Students song
Hm hoge all pass
Hm hoge all pass

Ho! ho!
SOTE h bindass
Likhte h bakwas
Karte h timepas
Fir B h vishwas
Marks milenge jhaKkas 1 din!!!!

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9 years ago

Exams r here,
at d paper we stare
d ans r no where,
which maks us pull our hair..
d teachrs glare,
And grades r below fair,
but just like the past 16 yrs,


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9 years ago

Buying a notebook- Rs.20
Getting a refill- Rs.8
Pencil- Rs.2

But the joy of not finishing the assignment and standing out..

There are somethings money cant buy..

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9 years ago

how to kill an Engineering student....


Just pour water on his record book one day before submission!!
Mar Jayega!!

By NiDHi

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9 years ago

New 3 Idiot lines:

Neend k piche mat bhogo.
Bhagana hi hai to padhai k piche bhago.
Nind zak mar k piche aayegi.

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9 years ago

-luv ur bed,it-s ur temple
-relax in d u can sleep at nite
-books r don toch dem
-if u feel lyk doin somthin,wait til dat feelin goes away

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9 years ago

1)Dont talk in front of my back.
2)Both of u 3 get out of d class.
3)Y r u so late.. Say yes or no.
4)Take 5 cm copper wire of any length.
5)I have 2 daughters.Both of them r girls.
6)All of u stand in a straight circle.
7)Be quiet. Principal passed away just now.
glasses.pngY r u looking at d monkey outside wen I am standing here..

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