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9 years ago

V had many options for die
V choose. EDUCATION!
Tadap Tadap k Marenge!

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9 years ago

I-m a Cheater
I Dnt Cheat Humanity

I Hate StudyIn
i Luv Technology

I Flirt wid Flirts
i respect Luvrs

World Cant Change me
I Can CHANGE d world

I dnt hv books in hands
I hav revolutionry ideas in mind

I-m d rarest on earth

Meet Me

I-m a
last bench student
ur Vinu glasses.png

by Vinu

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9 years ago

Theory is wen v kno smthng bt it dsnt work..

Practicl is wn smthng wrks bt v dnt kno y.

V ENGINEERS combine theory & practical

"Nothng wrks & v dnt kno y"!

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9 years ago

Hw wil a CS gal scolds a boy
"Pedaishi Error,
Virus k Bacche,
1Click Marungi 2 Dharti Se Delete Ho k Pataal Me Instaal Ho Jayega"

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9 years ago

MBBS Professor: The Sperm is made of glucose.The same material sugar is made of.

A girl raised her hand:
Then y doesn-t it taste like sugar..

The Professor-s reply ws a medical master piece:
My dear,its bcause the taste buds for sweetness are located on de tip of ur tongue & nt at the back of ur throat!

by Vinu

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9 years ago

School life-s done..Try remembering the SMILING FACES of your friends..Remember the times spent TOGETHER..What do you FEEL..
Started missing everyone a lot..

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9 years ago

Years ago people who sacrificed their
Sleep, Family, Food, Laughter & Other joys of Life
Were called Saints!

But nowadays they are called as

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9 years ago

College ki galiyo me ajib khel hota hai,

Lecture ke bahane dilo ka mel hota hai,

Isliye to hamara pappu har sal fail hota hai

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9 years ago

Ckt has reached exciting levels with T20. Infusing the same thing into exams, some suggestions:
1.Reduce exam time by 1 hr n marks by 50
2.Introduce strategic breaks after each 30 mins
3.Give free hit marks where students can frame their own questions n write ans
4.Ist 15 mins power play ie. no invigilator in class
5.Introduce fair play awards
~Issued in public intrest

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9 years ago

Teacher to sleepy student:
Who Invented Steam Engine..
Student: What sir..
Teacher: Yes correct. Its James Watt
Moral:Sleeping improves ur general knwldge!

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