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8 years ago

Classic examples for students of
different age groups :-. .
1st to 3rd class - hey ! I studied
everything for exam . .
4th to 6th class - hey ! That question
was very hard so i leave only that
. .
7th to 10th class - hey ! Read only
important questions . . .
11th class - i think 4 chapters are
enough 2 get pass .
. .
12th class - kal exam kaun sa hai yaar ?
. .
And in college - saalo bata to dete aaj
exam hai, main toh pen bhi nahi laya..

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8 years ago

#Exam facts-

1) Sometimes I think to write LOL at the end of every answer in exams wink.png

2) During last 5 minutes of examination every student gets a super natural power...Yoyo

3) 50% of the exam is always based on 1 lesson that you missed and 1 topic that you didnt prepare....tongue.png

4) Law of studentology: Book continues to be in state of rest or covered with dust and soil, unless the exams are appeared tongue.png wink.png

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8 years ago

Hum kabhi padh na sake
PADHAI sirf do wajahse hoti he
1=shok se
2=dar se
faltu ke shok hm palte ni
or darte to hm kisi k baap se bhi nhi...

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8 years ago

Great lines
Sometimes its better 2 bunk a class & do masti with frnds bcoz 2day whn I look back!

Marks never make me laugh bt memories do!......
Gn frndss

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8 years ago

The Most "Hungry+Sad" MOment..
When YOu're Sitting In The Examination Hall, Feeling Hungry & Then The Invigilator Is Served HOt "Tea With SamOsas" grin.png :

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8 years ago

what is the proudest moment of the students life ??
standing in middle of d exam hall n askin....
"sallo meri answer sheet kiske pass h vapas de do"....

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8 years ago

Height of technology:
A stunt writes all Ans as


and lastly he writes..
Ans. aer written in BAR CODE Format 2Protect from Being Copied.

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8 years ago

Best memory of skul lyf
Notes copy krte samay-
ye kya likha h bey..
Jo samaj aa rha hai wo likh baaki aise hi
design bana de ..grin.png frown.png

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8 years ago

Air & Students have d same Mentalityfrown.png

U Know How?



Both are Turning d Book's Pages without Reading.

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8 years ago

Jo mill gya use muqadar samjo,
Khud ko waqt ka sikandr samjo,
kyu drte ho result se
Result aane tak khudko university ka toper samjo.

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