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6 years ago

Love is-
Whn we drink d same coconut water putting 2 straws simultaneously

Frndshp is-
Whn we hv 1 cocount water n we use only 1 straw drinking 1 after anothr n each tym sayin "oye pura mat pee jana, tera koi bharosa nai hy" =P

Moral - there is more love in frndship ->

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6 years ago


Brf k us Golay ki manind hy

Jisy bnana to boht asan hy,

Mgr barqrar rakhna boht mushkil hy.

So take care of urself,,,


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6 years ago

Aankhon ke samne har waqt tum ko paya hy

Dil mein bi tum ko basaya hy

Tumhare bina jiyen to kese jiyen

Tum kamino k saath itna time jo bitaya hy smile.png
Wid Love

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6 years ago

1 day a boy came to know he is going 2 die within 5 Mins,
So he msgs his luved one n frnd
"Gud Bye"
Within 2 mins he got a msg from his lover.
"where r u going dear,
I m busy.I cnt cum so go widout me"
Da boy-z heart began 2 pain, within a sec.he got a msg frm his frnd.
"where da hell u r going widout me u stupid.Ruk ma aa rha hun ikathay chaltay ha kameeny. . .
" the boy smiles, his eyes close, his heart stops nd he died.
Dedicated 2 all my lovelY

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6 years ago

Friendship is like playing on seesaw, not only because its always fun with ubut also because i wouldn-t mind going down to see u rise

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6 years ago

Lovly quote 2 all my frnds:

Hurt me,
Tease me,
Make me cry,
But in the end of my life,
when i die plz ATLEAST keep 1 rose on my grave & say


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6 years ago

!!! B e a u t i f u l
T h o u g h t !!!

I went out to find a friend,
But did not find one there
I went out to be a friend,
And friends were everywhere . . .=)

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6 years ago

Best frnd isn-t who says
-WO teri kismat me nhi hai use bhol ja-

but best frnd is 1 who says:
-TU Parhai par dhiyan day.
Ghar se utha layen gay use-grin.png

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6 years ago

dOsT wO nHe Jo aP k kam aaE,
dOsT wO hai Jo aPki T-ShirT ManG kR LeJae 0r kaBi waPiS Na de..

dOsT wO nHe Jo aPkO TreeT de,
dOsT wO hai Jo aP k GhaR aaE 0r kahe "aJ kYa Pakka hai.? Jo b hai JaLdi Se Le aa"

dOsT wO nHe Jo Ph0Ne kR k mLNe aaE
dOsT wO hai Jo Ghar k SamNe aa k MsG kre "kameeNe baHar aa"

dOsT wO nHe Jo JNaze meiN aaE
dOsT wO hai Jo QabR Pe T-ShirT Le k aaE 0r kahe
"Le nHe ChahYe Tera EhsaN cHaL uTh oOr meRi dOsTi waPiS kR"

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6 years ago

Tumhara behtrin Dost wo he k jb tm gharib ho jao tu wo tm se mohabbat km na kre,
or jb tum dolt mand ho tu apni mohabbat ziada na kare..

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