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6 years ago

A good frnd-
Not easy to obtain..

Once obtained-
Difficult to maintain..

Once lost-
Impossible to regain..


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6 years ago

FRIENDSHIP is just lyk "H2o"
No colour
No shape
No place
No size
No money
No rich
No poor
Bt still essential 4 living & 4 forever.
by HumAyuN From Multan ( 03

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6 years ago

"Two of my friends were arguing as who is dear to me..

I was smiling silently thinking of you"

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6 years ago

-Recipe Of Friendship-

2 Heaping Cups Of Patience
1 Heartful Of Love
2 Handfuls Of Generosity
1 Handful Of Understanding
A Dash Of Humour

Sprinkle Generously Wid Kindness & Plenty Of Faith
Mix Well
Spread Over A Period Of Life Time
Serve To Everyone You Meet (:

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6 years ago

I Believe

As Diamonds Are Forever
Friends Are Also Forever

When They Are There Make You Smile
When You Are Going Through A Mile

Friends Are Like Flowers
Whose Fragnance Add Essence To Your Life

As A Dictionary Without Words Is Meaningless
Similarly Your Life Without Friends Is Meaningless

As Words Build Sentences
Your World Is Built By Your FRIENDS (:

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6 years ago

S0 many talks on a issue..
S0 much fun of a singl inn0cent frnd..
S0 many frndz on 1bench..
S0 much laugtr on 1stupd j0ke..
S0 many callz n smsz on birthday nite..
S0 many hugs for 0ne littl w0rry..
S0 much luv for jst 1pers0n..
S0 many tearz for 0ne little fight..
Really!! "frndz r da best part of our small life"
L0ve y0u !!

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6 years ago

Once In A While
We Meet Someone
Who Makes Us Feel So Good
Who Seems To Understand Us
In A Way Few People Could
Someone Who-s Truly Glad
For Us
When Things Are Going Well
Who-s Always There To Listen
When We Are Something
Now To Tell
Once In a While,
We Find Someone
On Who We Can Depend
I Know Because
I Found In You
A Truly Wonderful
F.R.I.E.N.D (-.-)

~EpPiE fRiEnDsHiP dAy~

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6 years ago

Friendship grows out of chance
Meeting a mere glance
& Then a smie
& Touches the heart in
More ways then one
Isn-t it great
How We have grown
From being perfect strangers
To who We Are today
I-m fortunate to have found
A wonderful Friend like YOU

Happy Friendship Day

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6 years ago

Thee Soul Of The Word
"F r I e N d S h I p"
Lies In The Poineer Alphabet
"F" Is Faith What Really Brings
To Us An Authentic
"F r I e N d S h I p" (=
by HumAyuN From M

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6 years ago

1day I may die
wiTout sayng
gud bye2 U!
Bt I-ll nevr
4get2 say
Bcoz U hve givn
me 1of loveliest
friendship ever in
my life!

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