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6 years ago

Love is: When you drink the same coconut water putting two straws...

Frndship is: When you have 1 coconut, use only 1 straw & say.... ..

"Aaja Bhikari Le Tu b pee Le..."

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6 years ago

Friendship is the light of life, So when I ask god for a gift, Always I’m glad when he sends no gold or bronze, But the true love of a friend.

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6 years ago

Friends are like fishes..
You have to sit patiently for a long time to catch a good one. Just like I caught you! So better stay nice otherwise…
I will FRY you!

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6 years ago

some most dear friends eventually are going to leave,
that's not the end
your story. Thats just the end of their part in your story

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6 years ago

always try to
spend few
seconds for your
lovest friends
even you are
one day you can
get free time but
not your friends

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6 years ago

don't forget me,
remember me,
these r all normal
quote's in frndshp.

but abt me itz
smthng diffrnt,dat
proudly say's

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6 years ago

i am not shakespeare 2write abt u
i am not shelley 2ring abt u
i am not piccaso 2paint u
i bn ur FRIEND

who just want 2say i bn always with u

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6 years ago

i always miss people close to me, wen alone....
But I Failed to realise dat people r born to lead their own life not to be with me

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6 years ago

Why is a group of friends called a friend circle?
Square - 4 ends,
Triangle - 3 ends,
Line - 2 ends.
Circle -has NO END

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6 years ago

Friends are like don't see them all the time, but you know they r there!

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