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6 years ago

Whn U Bcame My Friend

There Was A Strike In Heaven !

U Know Why?

They Were Protesting

Why I?m Being Offerd Heaven?s Benifits On Earth b4 Dying !!! (:->

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6 years ago

Mising u,
is my ?HOBBY?

Care 4u,
is my ?JOB?

Mak u happy,
is my?DREAM?

Pray 4 u,
is my ?DUTY?

2keep frndship with u,
Is my ?LIFE.

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6 years ago

Kash sach yeh mera sapna ho jaye,

Jan se bhi pyara DOST apna ho jaye,

KHUDA humari DOSTI sada salamat rakhe,

Warna lafz-e-dosti hi FANA ho jaye

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6 years ago

Dosti achi ho to rung lati hai

Dosti gehri ho to dil ko bhati hai

Dosti nadaan ho to toot jati hai

Aur agar Dosti hum jaison sey ho to zindagi bun jati hai.

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6 years ago

riends R Like Delicate Flower?

They Dry Not Die..

However I M Cactus I Will Be


Poking U So That U Will Remember Me?.

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6 years ago

Yaad na karo ge to sataayen ge

Rutho ge to manaayen ge

Dost hain hum, light nahi

Jo har 2 ghantay baad sath chhor jayen ge

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6 years ago

Flowerz Of Friendship
Never Gives Up,
Its A Promise Made Forever.
It Brings Happiness To
The Heart & Mind
Makes Every
Dream Come Alive … =]

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6 years ago

Request hay ap say,
Refuse mat karna,
Friendship k balab fiuz mat karna,
Hum dost hain ap k,
Confuse mat karna,
Humare jaga kise aur ko CHOOSE mat karna.

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6 years ago

Read slowly:
U r que tea, Love lee, Grey ate, On nest, At track thief, Cheer fool, Soup pub and u r my most Press Yes friend.
House dat!!

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6 years ago

A Good Friend Never Allows

You To Do Stupid Things?


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