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6 years ago

Making Friends Is Not Abt

Collecting Pearls Or Diamonds!

Its Abt Accepting One As Coal

N Wait Til D Warmth

Of Frndship

Turns It To Diamond.

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6 years ago

Weakly One Day Holiday,

Monthly One Day Salary Day,

Yearly One Day Birthday,

Lifely One Day Death Day,

But Sharing


Is Every Day

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6 years ago

FrIeNdS r ThOsE

RaRe pEoPlE

WhO aSk

?h0w We ArE ??


ThEn wAiT tO hEaR tHe AnSwEr ? =)

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6 years ago

?DOSTI? me jeena?DOSTI? me mrna,
Himmat na ho to?DOSTI? na krna,
?DOST? ho kr ?DOSTI? ka haq ada krna,
wrna Saccha hone ka kabhi b dawa na krna.

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6 years ago

FrIeNdShIp . . .

Is cErTaInLy

ThE fInEsT bAlM

FoR tHe PaNgS oF

DiSaPpOiNtEd LoVe ? =)

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6 years ago

ThE RicHest MaN iN d w0rlD Iz N0t d 0nE wH0 stIL Has d fIrst d0LLar hE EvEr EarNeD.
Its d MaN wH0 stIL Has HIs fIrst frIeNd hE EvEr MadE!!

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6 years ago

?YOu know wat?s the Best thing abt our friendship..





Its the FIRST word of this Message?..Check it out !!!

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6 years ago

Dunia Me 7 Cheezain Asan Hai 0r Mushkil Bhi.

1.DOSTI Karna Aasan
NIBHANA Mushkil.

2.PYAR Karna Aasan
PANA Mushkil.

3.BHAROSA Torna Aasan
KARNA Mushkil.

4.YAAD Karna Aasan
BHULNA Mushkil.

5.JHUT Kehna Aasan
SACH Sunna Mushkil.

6.RULANA Aasan
HASANA Mushkil.


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6 years ago

The Day U Came To My Life

I Crowned You My Sweetest Friend

I Judged You Not For Your Beauty Or Tone


B?coz I Feel You As My Own ? :->

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6 years ago

Walking With A Friend In The Dark Is Better Than Walking Alone In The Light .

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