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6 years ago

Never Try Alone To Take The Weight Of Tear That Comes Out Of Ur Heart & Falls Through Ur Eyes



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6 years ago

Friendz change, I know they do. . .

This friend always belong to u.
Friendz hurt,I know they do

This friend hurt more without "YOU"

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6 years ago

Friendship is a silent gift of nature..

More old .. more strong..

More deep.. more clear..

More close.. more warm..

Less words.. more understanding..

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6 years ago

kEEp tHe LaMp of frIeNdsHip bUrNiNg wItH oIL of LoVe bc0z s0nrIsEs iN tHe eASt aNd sEt iN tHe wESt bUt
FrIeNdsHip RiSeS iN tHe heArt aNd sEt After dEAth.

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6 years ago

A FrIeNd Is SoMeOnE
wHo WoUlD gO fInD yOu
If YoU wErE lOsT,


a BeSt FrIeNd
WoUlD bE rIgHt nExT tO yOu

"Um . . . WhErE aRe We ? " =)

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6 years ago

My Friends r like my Balls.
Very close, Always at Hand &
Always Hanging Around,
Doing Nthng
But without them I-m simply No Man
So LONG LIVE MY FRNDz! :p :d ->

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6 years ago

TrUe FrIeNdS aRe LiKe MoRnInGs,
YoU cAn-T hAvE tHeM tHe WhOlE dAy
YoU cAn bE sUrE
tHeY wIlL bE dErE wHeN yOu WaKe Up,ToMoRoW, NxT yEaR n 4eVeR

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6 years ago

Friendship is like playing on seesaw, not only because its always fun with ubut also because i wouldn-t mind going down to see u rise

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6 years ago

Friendship Is A Treasured Gift
That Gives Our Heart A Lift

A Blessing We Just Cannot Do Without
Because Friendship Is What
Living Is All About …

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6 years ago

Having a crush is sweet
falling in love is exciting
having a heart break shocks
but having a friend like you totally rocks -)

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