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6 years ago

A Good Friend Is

A Connection To Life

A Tie To The Past

A Road To The Future

The Key To Sanity
In A Totally Insane World (:

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6 years ago

Sumtymz We Think Of
Why Frndz Keep 4wrdng Msgs To Us Widout Speakng Words ?
The Reason Is Dat, Daily They Have Nothing To Say
Still Want To Keep In Touch (:

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6 years ago

-- Without

Good Friends

No One Would

Choose To Live


He Had

All Other Goods --

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6 years ago

People Say
--True Friends Must Alwayz Hold Hands--
True Friends Need Not To Hold Hands
They Know The Other Hand Will Always Be There (:

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6 years ago

Some friends forget,
Some move away,
Some keep silent,
Some just change,
But I am not one of dem,
I remember my friends just for two moments!

"Now & Forever".

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6 years ago

Today Is World Red Rose Day.

If U Luv My Frndshp Give 1 Missed Call

N Snd Tis 2 Al Ur Friend

N See Hw Many Missed Call U Get

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6 years ago

Friends are like colour pencils, they colour our lives, I may not be your favourite COLOUR , But hope you will need me some where to complete ur picture !

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6 years ago

Har kali tum se khushbo udhaar maangay,aftab tum se noor udhaar maangay,rab karay tum dosti aisi nibhao,ke dunya mujh se tumhari DOSTI udhaar maangay. .

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6 years ago

A bEsT fRiEnD
iSn-T sOmEoNe,
WhO-s JuSt AlWaYs ThErE fOr YoU
It-S sOmEoNe WhO uNdErStAnDs YoU A bIt MoRe ThAn YoU uNdErStAnD yOuRsElF [=

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6 years ago

PeopLe say its diffiCult to get gUd FrIends..

NaturaLLy bCOz the Gud oNes likE mE r aLready uRs!

And the greAt Ones liKe u r aLready mINE! smile.png

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