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6 years ago

Mai Palko ko Jhukata Hu,
Bazahir Muskurata Hu,
Fakat Itna keh Pata Hu,
IMDAD ko Kitna Satae Hu..
IMDAD ko tum YAAD Aate Ho.

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6 years ago

LiFe Is A bLaNk PaGe,
EaCh FrIeNd HoLdS a PeN
WrItEs ThEiR oWn StOrY iN oUr LiFe

ThAnKs FoR cOvErInG sOmE wOnDeRfUL PaGeS iN mY lIfE =)

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6 years ago

FrIeNdShIp Is A CaR WiD UnLiMiTeD PeTrOl Nd NeVeR EnDiNg RoAd . . .

WhIcH YoU HaVe To DrIvE FoR LoNg LiFe DrIvE . . .

DuRiNg DrIvE U HaVe To B CaReFuLl CoZ MaNy AcCiDeNtS CaN HaPpEn . . .

YoU CaN WiN MaNy RaCeS Of LiFe If U R In It . . .

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6 years ago

You can-t Tap ur back for a well done,

You can-t hug urself for comfort & relaxation,

You can-t cry on ur shoulders

That-s why we hv Friendz in our lives
They are the ones who






Support us

Simply they make our Life Beautiful & Meaningful..

So Love them (:

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6 years ago

Respect those
friends who find
time 4 u in their
busy schedule


Love those friends
who never see
their schedule
when u need

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6 years ago

Who Am I?

A Step When You Stop

A Touch When You Are Lost

A Word When You Are Quiet

A Smile When You Are Sad


A Friend Who Would Be There For U Forever (:

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6 years ago

Mother Terasa
"Dont xpect ur Friend 2 be a Perfect Person"
"Help ur
Friend 2 Become Perfect.

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6 years ago

For all my besties, whom I really love and care for..

I got your back
You got mine
I-ll help you out
Any time

To see you hurt
To see you cry
Makes me weep
And wanna die

And if you agree
To never fight
It wouldn-t matter
Who-s wrong or right

If a broken heart
Needs a mend
I-ll be right there
To the end

If your cheeks are wet
From drops of tears
Don-t you worry
Let go of your fears

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6 years ago

:I Miss Ur Face
I Miss Ur Voice
I Miss Ur Smile
I Miss Ur Call
I Miss Ur Company
I Nevr Mis Ur
Honest Sweetest friendship.

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6 years ago

Long Love is

"Mother Love"

Shortest Love is

"Others Love"

Sweetest Love is

"Lovers Love"


Strongest LoVe is

"Friends Love"

So Luv U Friend )

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